Kinky Fetish - Lesbian Erotic Art

Immerse yourself in the sensual sexual world of lesbian fantasies! An erotic journey of lust full of passionate devotion - stylish and aesthetic and incredibly intense! Whether I create lust by playing with myself, or give myself to my beloved friend Alice D. Bitchcraft, here you will experience female lust in its most beautiful form: sensual... tenderly... erotic... imaginative... intense... passionate... fetishistic... and also dirty horny! But never cheap or even played.

Latex and Oil Teaser

Latex and Oil Part 1

First, I unlock the lock that closes my pussy through the vulva rings. Then I put on latex stockings and gloves and rub my whole body with shiny oil. In the 2nd part I then let myself be pampered really intensively by my fucking machine!

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Beginning of a heavy rubber session

Heavy Rubber Session Part 1

This night was all about the absolute latex rubber experience! In this first part you will experience how I put on my latex mask, transparent stockings, nappy trousers, gloves and a latex dress - and then I will be pampered by my fucking machine in oiled, shiny latex.

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Latex-Babydoll & Stimulation

Latex-Babydoll & Stimulation

I love my cute pink latex babydoll. In this rubber nightgown I sleep so wonderfully. But I didn't feel like sleeping here at all, instead you will experience how I stimulate myself sensually and playfully to a wonderful intense orgasm in latex.

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Razor Bitches - Sinnliche Kopfrasur in der Badewanne

Razor Bitches - Sensual head shave in the bathtub

My dear friend Alice D. Bitchcraft wanted to be as gloriously bald as I am - and it was her wish that I shave it for her. In my beautiful bathtub I fulfilled her wish - and her slight fear of the razor quickly turned into pure devotion.

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Razor Bitches - Lesbische Abenteuer Teil 1

Razor Bitches - Lesbian adventures part 1

The first sensual encounter with my beloved freshly clean-shaven bald friend Alice D. Bitchcraft. Actually we just wanted to see how she liked my playground - but then we started to touch, caress and kiss each other sensually intensive. The beginning of an incredibly sensual night.

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Razor Bitches - Mein Septum wird gepierct!

Razor Bitches - My septum is being pierced!

My friend Alice D. Bitchcraft and I had such an intense fantasy: I should wear a thick nose ring, with which she could take me on a chain. And then we let the dream become intense SM reality. I pierced my septum with a thorn and then we inserted the nose ring.

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Meine Fickmaschine und mein süßer kleiner Dildo

My fucking machine and my cute little dildo

I love it so much to surrender to my fucking machine and let myself be intensively stimulated, just let go and fly through multiple orgasms. Since size doesn't really matter, I always start with one of my smaller dildos - and enjoy!

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Doubledildo Masturbation

Doubledildo Masturbation

Actually this beautiful duo dildo is a toy for me and my sweethearts. But that night the desire was so great that I just had to feel it myself - and it did me so incredibly good!

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Im Bodenpranger mit der Fickmaschine

In the floor pillory with the fucking machine

There is nothing I love more than intensive BDSM. And then I had the idea to lock myself up in my beautiful steel floor pillow and then let my fucking machine fuck me in the ass - I enjoyed it so much!

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I am only a slavegirl when I decide to be it and as long as I want to be it

Caroline R.Ubber & Kinky Fetisch - Bizarrlady - Dominatrix - Maso-'Slave'

I am passionate sensual latex fetish Dominatrix & Bizarrlady with a wonderfully smooth shaved bald head, which is also my fetish. Leading dominant and sensitive sadistic, not arrogant or cruel. And sometimes I also enjoy to live out my masochism and to be played as an enslaved Amazon - but without switching to the submissive.

Furthermore, I am an elegant escort lady with style, level and a lot of sex appeal. Very sensual - and with sympathy also with completely genuine intense passion and devotion, because that's how I enjoy my meetings myself very much.

I have years of deep BDSM experience and enjoy this world completely in my private life. As an intensive dancer I have trained my body and stage my sessions with energy and endurance in almost all disciplines - and I am always expanding my horizon. To lead proudly and strongly as Dominatrix, even across borders, to build up and make dreams come true is my ambition and my passion. I don't need to make anyone small to feel big - I am Caroline R.Ubber and Kinky Fetisch.

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